Looking Back

Looking Back
25 February 2024 marks four years since I painted my first surfboard back in February 2020!

First - a word of warning! This post is going to be a long scroll, but I think it will be worth the effort. Grab yourself a cuppa (or something stronger) and join me as I look back at all the surfboards I have painted so far . . .

Four years ago my artistic career took an unexpected turn when a client asked me if I could paint a commissioned piece on a surfboard. I was already experimenting with painting on many different media from shoes to leaves to guitars so I jumped at the chance to try something new. Now, 82 boards later, my artistic journey is on a path I never could have imagined when I began studying art at college in Wales, let alone four years ago!

Eventually everything must come to an end, and this applies to artists as well. Board Number 75 - "Emmie the Sea Turtle" - will be the last sea turtle I will paint on a non-commissioned surfboard. I currently have one more turtle to paint on a commissioned board but it would take a generous gratuity to encourage me to consider painting any more turtles! Either way I think my board painting series will soon come to an end - board number 100 seems like a good place to finish this phase of my artistic journey. If you have ever wanted one of my hand-painted surfboards then you better get in quick - in fact there are a few commissioned spots available right now!

Enjoy a look back at all the boards from the last four years, and let me know which are your favourites in the comment section!