Emmie the Sea Turtle

Emmie the Sea Turtle
Emmie now has some fishy friends!

As my subscribers would be aware, I am currently working my way through a stack of commissions that will keep me busy into early 2024! I love bringing my client's commissions to life but continuously working on other people's ideas can become stifling. As an artist, it is very important to keep the creative juices flowing so I often have a side project to work on alongside my commissions.

Previous side projects have included "Willow the Whale Shark" and "George the Sea Turtle". George sold on the first day he was released and Willow is currently available for purchase in my store. Very soon, another sea turtle board will be ready for a new home.

Willow and George

"Emmie the Sea Turtle" will be a split view composition, with Emmie seen swimming in the warm waters of the Ningaloo Reef lagoon. She is being painted on an upcycled Burton Batfish surfboard that was donated by my partner Martin. He surfed this board almost exclusively for three years throughout Australia and Indonesia, but it has languished at the back of the board rack for the last 10 years or so. The unique bat tail and wide dimensions of this board will provide a fantastic canvas on which to bring Emmie to life.

Emmie concept with a bit of colour

Emmie's Story

In the tranquil waters of Ningaloo Reef, Emmie the green sea turtle glided gracefully, her sleek form cutting through the cool, clear ocean. She had faced many challenges in her long life, from evading predators to navigating treacherous currents, but nothing could deter her from her annual pilgrimage. Every couple of years, she got the urge to embark on a remarkable journey, swimming along the reef with unwavering determination, to return to the same beach where she had been born.

Emmie's home takes shape as Willow watches

As Emmie ventured across the vast expanse of the ocean, memories of her previous arduous journeys flooded her mind. She many perilous obstacles, from hungry tiger sharks to fishing nets, plastic waste and boat propellers, yet she had always persevered, driven by an unyielding instinct to ensure the survival of her species. The weight of responsibility lay heavy on her broad, resilient shell, for she knew that the future of her kind rested on her sturdy flippers.

Finally, after days of relentless swimming, Emmie arrived at her destination—a pristine, sandy shore bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight. With a deep, profound sense of purpose, she began to dig a deep, sandy pit, meticulously creating a safe haven for her precious cargo. One by one, she carefully laid her eggs, each one representing her unwavering hope for the future.

Emmie is taking shape

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a radiant cascade of hues across the endless expanse of ocean, Emmie returned to the waves, her indomitable spirit unbroken. With each stroke of her powerful flippers, she carried with her the enduring legacy of resilience and hope, leaving behind her last clutch of eggs for this visit, buried as safely as she could in their sandy nest.

The things these eyes have seen

Months passed, and Emmie's offspring began to emerge from their sandy sanctuary, their tiny forms illuminated by the gentle touch of the sun. The world they would inhabit was fraught with peril—ravenous predators, changing climates, and human encroachment threatened their very existence.

In their tiny new-born eyes burned the same fierce determination to defy the odds that glowed within the depths of Emmie's ancient eyes. The newborn turtles embarked on their perilous journey to the ocean, but Emmie was long gone and now it was up to them to face the challenges that awaited.

Close-up detail of Emmie, her fishy friends and the coral

The story of Emmie the green sea turtle echoes across the vast ocean, fading slowly as most of her offspring fall victim to the many challenges they face. It is a testament to the enduring power of perseverance that a lucky few will survive, ensuring that Emmie's legacy would endure for generations to come.


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