Now is the time to act . . .

Now is the time to act . . .
"Willow the Whale Shark" concept sket

In the vast depths of the ocean, where the light only dances in muted hues, there lives a magnificent creature known as Willow the Whale Shark. Willow was no ordinary shark; she was a gentle giant, with a heart as wide as the ocean itself. During the winter months, Willow and over 300 other whale sharks had called the warm and safe waters of Ningaloo Reef home. However, something within her was stirring, urging her to embark on a daring journey.

With each passing day, Willow could feel a magnetic pull tugging at her very core, beckoning her away from the company of other whale sharks towards the unknown. It was a call she couldn't resist. Winter eventually came to an end, and with a flick of her powerful tail, Willow set off on a migration like no other. She swam tirelessly, her enormous body gliding effortlessly through the currents, fueled by a curiosity and a yearning for adventure.

Movement patterns of 25 whale sharks tagged at Ningaloo Reef from 2010 to 2015

As Willow headed north, the waters around her began to change. The once crystal-clear depths grew murky, tainted by the heavy presence of shipping and fishing. It was a world alien to her, filled with the constant rumble of engines and the piercing sound of sonar. Despite the cacophony, Willow pressed on, determined to explore the mysteries that awaited her.

She encountered towering cargo ships, their hulls looming over her like mountainous giants. The vibrations of their engines sent shivers through her being, but Willow's spirit remained undeterred. She swam gracefully around the massive vessels, her graceful movements leaving those who caught a glimpse of her in awe.

As she ventured deeper into these unknown waters, Willow encountered fishing boats casting their nets, indiscriminately scooping up everything in their path. The cries of trapped marine life echoed through the abyss, piercing her heart. It was a harsh reality she had never faced before. Willow vowed to carry their plight with her, a burden to bear on her journey.

Waiting for inspiration to put paint to board.

Days turned into weeks, and Willow's resilience never wavered. She marvelled at the wonders and dangers coexisting in this new realm. She encountered colorful coral reefs teeming with vibrant life, but also witnessed the devastating effects of pollution and human interference.

And then, one fateful day, as Willow swam beneath the surface, a tremendous shadow engulfed her. A colossal ship, its steel frame stretching far beyond the reaches of her imagination, loomed above her, blocking out the sunlight. Panic welled up within her, for she knew the dangers such vessels posed.

Willow's instincts screamed at her to retreat, to flee from the impending doom, but her heart whispered a different message. She swam towards the belly of the beast, diving deep beneath its colossal hull. With every beat of her heart, she sent out a silent plea to the world above, hoping that they would listen, that they would understand the beauty that lay beneath the surface.

Willow is complete and ready for a new home

And so, the story of Willow the Whale Shark continues, her fate intertwined with the fragile balance between humankind and the ocean. Will her journey bring about change? Will her message be heard? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the world will forever be captivated by her spirit, her resilience, and her unwavering determination to protect the mysteries that lie beneath the waves.

In the spirit of promoting awareness and appreciation for whale sharks, I am in the process of creating a hand-painted surfboard featuring "Willow the Whale Shark" swimming in the waters off Ningaloo Reef. This artwork not only celebrates the beauty of these gentle giants but also serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts. A percentage of the sale price of this artwork will be donated to Protect Ningaloo to make sure these glorious creatures always have safe haven in Western Australia.

This artwork is available for pre-purchase at a significant discount, allowing my subscribers to become part of the conservation movement while acquiring a beautiful piece of art. As this surfboard edges closer to becoming a finished artwork depicting the awe-inspiring nature of the whale shark the price will creep up to the full price of $7500.

Please Note:
By clicking the button above you are paying in full for a custom, hand-painted, upcycled surfboard painted by Western Australian artist Claire Marie. The finished artwork will feature a whale shark in an underwater scene from Ningaloo Reef. This is a work in progress, and once completed will be available at the full price of $7500. Until then, you will be able to purchase this board at a discounted price. As each set of progress pictures are released the price will increase. Note that paid subscribers are eligible for a discount only if they enter their discount code at checkout.
This purchase is non-refundable and final
This price is for local pick-up only in Perth, Western Australia. Any shipping charges will be calculated in negotiation with the artist, and will be in addition to this amount. The artist will contact you once payment has been made to arrange collection or shipping of this artwork.
This board is a recycled, used surfboard that was destined for landfill. As such, it has some surface imperfections but this is part of the charm of these artworks. Please note that the board is clean and all rough edges have been removed, but this board has not been refurbished or restored and is not water-tight, and thus cannot be used as a surfboard. It is designed for interior display only.