Happy Earth day!

Happy Earth day!

On this Earth day I thought I would take some time to explain what I do in the studio to be a 'sustainable' and Eco-friendly' artist.

I am passionate about being as sustainable as possible in my life and as you all know this extends across into my art practice. I use old surfboards that were potentially heading for landfill as my canvas. I love that I am making a piece of art from something that was once discarded and forgotten about and extending its life for many years more. 

Here are some of the ways I try to make changes for the better in my art practice.

For every surfboard that I paint, I am working with Carbon Neutral, planting native trees here in Western Australia to carbon offset. More trees are planted if the surfboard is shipped overseas.
I try and use recycled materials to package the surfboards as well as using Flexi-Hex cardboard surfboard sleeves. These are a sustainable alternative to bubblewrap.
Most of the old boards that I use for my artwork have been saved from potentially ended up in landfill.
Painting sea turtles and whale sharks also helps to bring attention to and explore the plight of these amazing sea creatures.

Over 750,000 surfboards are manufactured each year and a large amount of these end up in landfill! When a surfboard goes into a landfill, its components (fiberglass, resin, and polystyrene foam) do not biodegrade. Surfboards are just one of the many petroleum-based products at landfills. Due to this non-biodegradable trash, including surfboards, these landfills continue to grow.

I love that I can create something beautiful from unwanted or forgotten about surfboards.

What YOU can do! 

• Make your next board an environmentally friendly and sustainable surfboard!

•Make some cash - sell your old boards! You can guarantee that there is someone out there that will make good use out of a board that you aren’t riding!

‘One mans trash is another mans treasure’

•Donate unwanted but still surfable boards to that grom that needs or can’t afford a new board! You are certain to make someone’s day!

• Upcycle your old surfboards. Instead of throwing your old boards out, why not commission an artist (me!) to create an artwork! 

You make a positive difference when you commission a sustainable piece of surfboard art - follow the link below to secure one of the only two spots remaining for 2024!

By choosing to support me by following what I do, subscribing to the website or by commissioning a custom surfboard - you are helping to reduce the number of old surfboards that would potentially be left discarded or taken to landfill.

Thank you so much and let’s continue to look after this beautiful planet of ours!

Becoming an Art Patron!

If you would like to upgrade your subscription and support me further by becoming a 'Patron' or 'Supporter' of the arts follow the link below.

Art patrons play a crucial role in supporting artists and make a huge difference in the day to day life of the artist. That small contribution really does help in a big way and is absolutely vital towards helping to ensure that I can continue on this art journey. By being an art patron you get to support the kinds of images you want to see in the world. 'Patron's and 'Supporters' also receive a discount code that can be used with ALL artwork including surfboards!

“ Be the change you want to see in the world.”