Capturing a moment in time

Capturing a moment in time
My three most recent commissioned boards

The last three boards that I painted are a great example of the wide diversity of ideas that my clients have for their commissioned artworks. 

Every board is a labour of love with more than 100 hours of painting time dedicated to each of them. I love how over the course of a month I can go from painting a panoramic beach scene to painting a huge barreling wave and then a sea turtle swimming in the beautiful turquoise water of Ningaloo.

Commissions can be challenging. I am given specific ideas, reference photos and a memory or several different memories and my job is to create a one of a kind piece of art from them. Maybe the weather wasn’t perfect on the day a particular memory happened, or maybe not everyone was included in the one photograph but in my clients mind, those memories were perfect! What I need to do in these artworks is to combine and capture these important moments in one unique artwork.

An example of where personal photos are used in the artwork

Capturing and treasuring those memories is what a joy-filled and beautiful life is about…it isn’t living the perfect life, or having life go exactly like we’d hope all the time, but it is living a life where we recognize what is precious when we see it.

Capture a moment in time …

Do you have a special memory that you would like turned into a piece of sustainable art? I currently have two painting spots for May which are only available for a limited time. These can be secured today with a deposit.