Capture your memories

Capture your memories
Each of these boards captures a special time and place for it's owner

Sometimes that magic moment in your life was not captured as you remembered it, if it was captured at all. Even with the ubiquitous smart phone cameras available to record everything in high quality, the digital images may not reflect the emotional content of your memories. This is where I can help you recreate that special moment from a collection of photos, ideas or even the vaguest of descriptions in the form of a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home.

Welcome to my studio!

My name is Claire Marie, and I am lucky enough to create art for a living. Over the last four years of my artistic journey I have focused on painting on upcycled surfboards to create unique works of art. In this time I have painted just over 80 surfboards! One of my strengths as an artist is in being able to combine a range of elements to capture my clients most important memories. I am committed to doing everything I possibly can to live a sustainable lifestyle, and I carry this same ethos through my artistic creations wherever possible. I am continually exploring new ways of making the most sustainable art possible, and giving back to nature in the form of supporting conservation efforts. Currently, this takes on three main forms:

I paint on upcycled surfboards, that sooner or later would have ended up in landfill. New surfboards have never been cheaper or more readily available, and as a result most used boards are left to languish in garages and garden sheds until they are eventually disposed of as rubbish. With the help of my partner Martin, a lifelong surfer, I hunt through the used surfboard market looking for surfboards whose story is not yet over.
I offset all the carbon potentially generated by my work, my studio and the original production of these upcycled surfboards by purchasing trees planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.
I donate a percentage of all profits towards nature conservation efforts. I try wherever possible to direct these funds towards the subject of my paintings.
A recent commission in finished form (above) and as a concept (below)

The image above shows a recent commission to depict a client's visits to Bunker Bay in Western Australia's South West. They had a collection of memories that had occurred over a period of time - from walking their dogs on the beach, kayaking in the crystal waters of the bay, watching whales breaching at the mouth of the bay to seeing their friends on their boat. I was able to combine these seemingly disparate recollections into a beautiful seascape that brought back fond memories of a family holiday.

I only have a handful of commissioned spots available for this year. Each board takes me over 100 hours to complete, which means that I can only paint a limited number each year. If you have ever wanted to own a bespoke piece of art that will not only brighten any room in your home, but also be a talking point for years to come, then now is the time. Your own unique, custom, sustainable, hand-painted artwork that captures your special moment will cost you $7500 AUD. If you require shipping then this can be arranged at a further cost. You can even supply your own board if you have one of sentimental value.

To secure your commissioned painting spot all you need to do is click on the link below and pay a 20% deposit. I will invoice you for the remaining amount, plus any shipping costs, and this will need to be paid in full before painting commences.

Before you commit to this process, I encourage you to read "The Fine Print" below:

The Fine Print
Sustainable Art

PS For less than the cost of two cups of coffee each month you can become a paid subscriber to my website and receive a discount on your commissioned surfboard!